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For as long as I can remember, I have been intrigued by photography. From the pinhole camera I made in 4th grade from an oatmeal box, to hours in the dark room in college with a film camera, to the amazing, unlimited possibilities now at our fingertips with digital photography. I love it all. But my love for photography has grown into a true passion as my kids have grown and have become more and more involved in athletics. Sports photography got me really hooked. Not just the action and excitement of it, but the emotion. The intensity in the eyes of a pitcher, the pure joy after the winning shot is scored, and not to be cliche, but even the agony of defeat. These are the moments I love to capture. I will openly admit that when I see a beautiful sunset, I am not one to pull out my camera....unless a wide receiver is making an unbelievable catch in front of it. Landscape photography is not my thing....people are. I feel photography is so much more than just capturing what a person looks like. Sometimes those candid moments that come between the poses are the best shots...the shots that let their personality shine through the photo. Those are my favorite. But let's be honest, Grandma wants the pretty, posed shots, so I get those too, but in a creative way. The real fun comes with the editing process after the shoot. I can't wait to load them up when I get back to my studio and get creative with cropping and color. To me, that's where life becomes art in photography. A little about me....I reside in Sammamish, Washington, about a half hour outside of Seattle, with my college sweetheart, now my husband of over 25 years and our four amazing kiddos...well, actually only three reside with us anymore...one has flown the coop for full fledged adulthood! For information on pricing, setting up a photo session or any questions, shoot me an email at staceyphoto@comcast.net.